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Windows 11 ISO Download Link

Windows 11 ISO Download Link

Windows 11 ISO Download Link - Microsoft officially released the public version of Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. The new face of IU's look will be enjoyed by users on the latest generation of the Windows operating system.

Windows 11 is the result of Windows 10, so you will be familiar and certainly will not be familiar with the operation of this latest Windows 11. But judging by speed testing, windows 11's benchmark value is better compared to Windows 10.

The new design will also be encountered when opening the Start menu, and now the navigation button is overhauled to be more straightforward. Users can still find pinned apps on the Start menu and are supported by transparent background visuals.

The minimize window button is packed with popup menu options when the user wants to shrink or enlarge the program window. The system will bring up multitask options based on the position of the template that has been provided. Access this button can be a shortcut option snap windows side by side.

Features of Windows 11

Major updates brought by windows 11 include the appearance of parts of the operating system. Still, there are improvements to the features that can be usefully brought to the request of the situation of the pen.

Here's mention some of the new features in Windows 11:

1. New Start Menu, Taskbar and Search Button

New Start Menu, Taskbar and Search Button

The update points they make play demo are start view, taskbar, and search button. In the latest update, you can move the taskbar icon in the middle.

Then the start menu is also fresher. But the setting can also be set back to the left flat position.

2. Fresher Effect Animation

When the user opens a window or slides, the folder's position will appear with an animation effect on the background of the screen.

The animation also applies when the user presses the minimize and maximize buttons. The impression gives a new feel to the Windows 11 generation.

3. Multitask Screen Is More Complex

Multitask Screen Windows 11

The ease of multitask screens has been boosted with the maximize menu option in a Windows window.

If the Windows 10 version needs to drag the window to the corner of the screen, they only need to press the button that will appear when the maximize box is pressed.

4. Touch Control Development

This fourth point applies to devices that support touch screens. Windows is known to many as an operating system that is difficult to handle compared to Chrome OS or iPad OS.

Microsoft provides more advanced keyboard access, similar to the keyboard on a smartphone. There is exceptional navigation for emojis and GIFs.

In addition, there is a new menu called Windows Ink Workspace that serves to customize applications in the device.

5. Advance Sound Settings

Users are constrained when the Windows 10 version comes out due to the very minimal audio settings options. And Windows 11 has responded to the complaint by presenting a more complex audio task.

6. Dark Mode

Still the same as the previous generation, Windows will not trim the excess dark mode features on their operating system.

Although some do not support the dark mode display, such as the title bar and taskbar, Microsoft replaced it with action that refreshed the eyes.

7. New Icon View

New Icon View Windows 11

Maximizing user interfaces and animations seems less legitimate if they don't provide modifications to new icon tools.

As a result, the direction of command navigation in the system will look sweet because the nuances of the icon are different from other versions of the operating system.

8. Virtual Desktop

Windows 11 is already available task view which each window slot you can install with different wallpapers.

So it will be easier to adjust the mood when we operate the system according to current feels. It's a more integral way of dealing with things.

9. Widget

Widget Windows 11

You no longer need to check your phone because Windows 11 has a wide selection of widgets, such as news, weather, traffic, and many more.

Take it easy, and there is a bar mode to hide widgets, so the screen interface becomes cleaner.

10. Battery Statistics

Features like this are prevalent we find in smartphones. But for a long time, Windows did not present monitoring charts in the intensity of user battery usage.

Download WINDOWS 11 ISO

After knowing the latest features of Windows 11, surely now you want to feel the user interface of Windows 11. Therefore, I will provide the Windows 11 iso download link below:

DeveloperMicrosoft Corp.
Size5.2 GB+

End of Words

Well, that's the review this time about the review update and link Download ISO Windows 11 latest generation.

Please see what can be in the latest Windows 11 system operation and try downloading the iso file to try out new faces on your PC or laptop.

See you...

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