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How to Turn Off Snap Layout Features in Windows 11


How to Turn Off Snap Layout Features in Windows 11

How to Turn Off Snap Layout Windows 11 - Until now, many users have started using the latest operating system, Windows 11. In addition to the benchmark value of Windows 11 is better than Windows 10.

You'll also get fresher navigation operations and a new User Interface system. Not to forget, Microsoft also provides improvements in terms of feature facilities to make it more comfortable to use.

The addition also includes one of them is the Snap Layout feature. With regards to this Snap Layout feature, will review how to turn off the Snap Layout feature in Windows 11.

Although its existence is beneficial and makes useful user commands, the appearance of a popup window layout sometimes makes disturb.

Previously for those who do not know the features of Snap Layout in Windows 11. so this other system is like a shortcut for windows windows windows set multi-tasking position. The feature will exit if the user presses the maximize/minimize button in a window box.

Users will be provided with several layout options, ranging from two multi-task display windows to 4 layout arrangements.

This feature summarizes the activity of multi-task windows in Windows 10. If the user previously needed to hold and slide the window to the corner of the screen to form a layout, press the snap button.

How to Turn Off Windows 11 Snap Layout Feature

Snap Layout Features in Windows 11
Snap Layout Features in Windows 11

Although reasonably practical, the emergence of a small popup snap layout is alarming if we do not need a multi-task window. As a result, users will have difficulty doing the activity minimize/maximize windows window.

Take it easy, and you can eliminate the access. How to turn off the Snap Layout feature in Windows 11 I will summarize the discussion below. So, please follow the steps further.

  1. Tap the Start button, then search the Settings menu.
  2. Once open, point to the System box.
  3. To turn off the Snap feature, navigate to the Multitasking tab menu section.
  4. Here is the Show snap layouts button when I hover over a window's maximize button. Please turn off the check button.
  5. You can also uncheck the Show snap layout that the app is part of when I hover over other taskbar buttons.
  6. Cross the Settings window, and then the settings will be saved.

End of Words

Well, that's how to turn off the Snap Layout feature in windows 11. Please follow the instructions above for those who want to eliminate the snap button when pressing the maximize/minimize button. I end this post. See you...

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