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How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 11


How to Turn Off Automatic System Updates in Windows 11

How to Turn Off Automatic System Updates in Windows 11 - Windows has provided easy access to update their systems. As a result, they embed a program in the Operating System that can automatically download data from the center and then updated if responding to the command confirmation.

But not everyone likes the existence of this feature because the emergence of update schedules sometimes makes it disturbing and time-consuming without being planned.

This feature also applies in Windows 11, so the Company Team will review how to turn off windows 11 updates not to appear again and interfere with regular use.

One unfortunate thing is that Windows itself does not provide a button to turn off the automatic update feature in its operating system.

So we have to tweak the way by changing the settings in the registry program, computer configuration, and the like to change the default rules of the factory.

Windows 11 System Update

We can get many benefits by utilizing this automatic update feature.

One of them is your device will not miss the version because the system will update quickly. The effect is that the system in our computer becomes compatible with any version of the latest application without any special exceptions.

The ease of access will make users without work twice. Just connect the device with the Internet network.

Just wait for the system to retrieve data from the center. Lastly, the user just pressed the update command confirmation button. This step is very practical and not as difficult as searching for data files on the Internet.

Every time there is an advantage, there must be a disadvantage because the automatic update feature can not be turned off, as a result when we connect the device with the Internet.

Then the system will directly download data from the center, which can cause the internet quota to run out a lot.

This system slightly affects commanding in need for Windows updates if the data is ready and the computer does not update.

Then one day and within the specified time, the system will perform an updated order without including a cancellation confirmation.

Steps to Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 11

Because the Windows 11 system is not much different from Windows 10, the way to turn off automatic updates in Windows 11 can be done using methods that have been used in previous versions.

There are three options that you can use. Try one and which test is most effective in eliminating this automatic update. Please refer to review of the steps to Turn off the Windows 11 Automatic Update below. 

1. Change Settings In Control Panel

The first way can be through the Control Panel. In the future, we will look for a special program, Windows Update, and change the option to Disabled.

  • Tap the Start button, locate and open the Control Panel.
  • Once open, you can point to the System and Security button.
  • Then tap the Windows Tools button.
  • Scroll down and find a tool called Service. Double click to open it.
  • Then look for a program called Windows Update.
  • If you've met, double-click to open the Windows Update Properties page.
  • Still in the General tab menu, please change Startup type to Disabled.
  • Confirm via the Stop button, then click OK.
  • Finish.

2. Change Registry Settings

In some cases, error resolution in Windows can be made by setting settings in the Registry.

Including how to turn off automatic updates windows 11, this system can help overcome this problem.

  • Click the search button, then type Registry.
  • When you meet, please open the program.
  • Next, go to the directory address HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows. Can directly paste in the directory box or open one by one folder.
  • Right-click the Windows folder, select New > Key.
  • Change its name to WindowsUpdate. Remember not to give spaces as punctuation.
  • Right-click the WindowsUpdate folder, select New > Key.
  • Rename the folder name to AU.
  • You can right-click the free space in the AU folder to bring up the New > DWORD (32-bit) Value command.
  • Name it NoAutoUpdate.
  • Double click NoAutoUpdate, change Value Data to 1 to turn off automatic updates.
  • Last click OK, close all programs, and restart.
  • Finish.

3. Set Default Registry

If how to turn off windows 11 updates from both ways above still fails, you can do this registry setting.

  • Tap search, search and open the Registry program.
  • Go to the directory address by entering the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv box.
  • Double click Image Path.
  • In the Value Data section, you can give the number 0 behind the words "host". And OK.
  • Then double-click the DependOnService section.
  • Behind the words "rpcss" add the number 0. Then OK.
  • Close all programs and restart the PC.
  • Finish.

End of Words

So that's how to turn off automatic updates in Windows 11. Please use one of the ways above, do another option if one of them is not practical.

I ended the article this time, hopefully, beneficial and see you...

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