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How to Create a Check Mark (√) in front of Blogspot Post Title

How to Create a Check Mark in Blogspot Post Title - Have you ever when searching in google search engine find a blog whose title has a check mark (√) in front of it? Although it looks ordinary, but for some people the check mark gives an interesting impression to visit.

How to Create a Check Mark in Blogspot Post Title

For those of you blog managers especially using blogspot/blogger platform who want interesting post titles with automatic check marks, this time we will share a tutorial on how to make a check mark (√) in front of the title of a blog post.

Create a Check mark (√) in Blogspot Post Title

Well, let's take a look at the full steps:

1. First please login to and Enter blogger dashboard.

2. Select Theme Menu > click Edit HTML

3. Then, please find the code below:


Note: Press CTRL+F to make it easier to find the code

4. If you have found it, please copy the below code and place it right on the side of the above code,


For example, as shown below:

interesting post titles with automatic check marks

5. Please click SAVE and Finish.

You've now successfully installed an automatic check mark in each title of your blog post. This check mark will not only appear in Google's search engine, but will also appear in other search engines such as bing, yahoo, and others.

Advantages of Having a Check Mark in Blogger Post Title

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of installing this feature in every blog post:

1. Have a Unique Impression on Search Engines

Visitors will prefer articles that have unique posts, by having a unique appearance in the title of a blog post, then no other visitor will feel more curious to visit it tersebt post.

2. Increase The Number of Organic Visitors

Not only does it have a unique impression compared to others, but it can also increase the number of organic visitors, as these visitors may feel curious about the articles that have been ticked.

3. Increase Adsense Earnings

By adding organic visitors to your blog, your revenue or earnings will increase more than ever before. However, one of the main factors of your income is greater by of course with SEO Optimization.

Well, how is the above blogspot tutorial quite easy isn't it?

A little extra, so that your old posts show a check mark in search results. You must re-index or Have url checked in Google Webmaster Tools. If you have any questions please feel free to write them via the comments field below.

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