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How to Create a 30-Day Free Moz Pro Account

How to Create a Free Moz Pro Account – Moz is one of the popular websites among SEO players. You can find out the backlinks of a particular website or page, do keyword research, and various other SEO needs.

However, just like websites rich in certain features, Moz can't be accessed for free or carelessly. You'll need to pay to access Moz's full features for at least $99 per month, with the lowest plan being the standard plan.

If you want a complete plan that is the premium plan, you need to set up a $599 per month budget. The nominal number is relatively high, especially for novice SEO actors.

How to Create a 30-Day Free Moz Pro Account
How to Create Free Moz Pro Account

Well, on this occasion, will give you a tutorial so you can use your Moz account on a freeway. The techniques we use to make use of the "Free Trial" service that Moz provides.

This technique may no longer apply in the future if Moz eliminates the "Free Trial" facility. If someday, the "Free Trial" facility is lost, then inevitably, we have to pay according to the price that Moz set to continue using the facilities in Moz.

However, until this writing is done, Moz still provides "Free Trial" facilities so that we can take advantage of them.

It is also important to note that the "Free Trial" facility only lasts for 30 days. Therefore, after 30 days, you must re-create the new account. Without further ado, here's how to create a free Moz Pro account.

How to Create a Free Moz Account

1. Open Moz Website

You can directly visit the Moz website. For more details, you can see the following Moz Pro purchase page HERE. Then, select "Start My Free 30-Day Trial."

How to create free Moz Pro - Open Moz Website

2. Complete the Data

Complete the data as you wish, such as email, username, password, and so on. For the record, until this post is published, you don't need to enter an active email. Even emails that can be said to be origin can still be. This is because he lacks an email confirmation system. This may change in the future. If Moz activates the email confirmation requirement, then the email must necessarily be active.

How to create free Moz Pro - Complete the Data

3. Payment

For the payment section, you must visit the website. Through the website, you can get the needs of Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVC that you need to complete your data.

You can directly visit The approximate appearance of the website is as follows.

How to create free Moz Pro - Payment

Enter the 531978 code in the "BIN" field, then select "Generate." In the "RESULT" column, you will get several choices of Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVC codes. Select one and complete the data again in step 2

4. Select Sign Up in Moz

After returning to step 2 and entering the result of step 3 into the payment section. Your data is up, and you can press the "Sign Up" button.

If all of the things we described above still work when you try, you'll get a new Moz Pro to account for free. It's easy enough.

Such is our review of How to Create Free Moz Pro Account. Hopefully, the above article is helpful for those of you who need it. If there is any vague comment below.

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