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How to Check My Competitor Backlinks for Free

How to Check My Competitor Backlinks – Recognizing your opponent and yourself is one way to win the competition. The more you recognize yourself and your opponents, the easier it is for you to strategize to win the competition.

How to Check My Competitor Backlinks for Free

In the world of SEO, you should try your best to be the winner for every keyword you target. This is because there is only one website that will rank first for a keyword.

So, you have to try to win from hundreds and even millions of other websites that are after the same keywords you're after.

One of the strengths of the website is in the backlink section. Remember, this is just one. There are quite some factors why one website can win from another website.

However, despite these many other factors, one that you can improve to win the competition in search engines is the power of quality backlinks.

Then the question is, how do I check my competitor backlinks? You don't need to be confused. This time will share how to find out website backlinks in 3 easy and freeways.

While the way we do to check these backlinks is to use very popular tools for SEO actors, namely Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersuggest.

There are many other tools such as SEMursh, Majestic, Pi Datametrics, etc. However, we will only review three tools in this post.

How to Check Competitor Backlinks

Well, just check out our full review this time for how to check out competitor backlinks.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is our first favorite tool to date. We think almost all SEO actors around the world also recommend Ahrefs. Although you have to spend a fair amount of money, especially for beginners, the features in Ahrefs are beneficial.

In this post, we will explain how to check website backlinks on Ahrefs for free.

Here's how to view website backlinks by using Ahrefs' free 'Backlink Checker.

First, visit Ahrefs Backlink Checker by clicking HERE. The approximate view is as follows:

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Then enter the URL or domain address. For this free version, you can only enter exact URLs such as specific pages of a website and the primary domain (including subdomains). You can't perform specific checks for a domain without subdomains or paths.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker 2

After that, you press "Check Backlinks," and the displayed forecast will appear as follows. From these results, you will get information in the form of:

  • DR (Domain Rating)
  • Number of Referring Domains and Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks
  • Top 100 Backlinks
  • Top 5 Anchors
  • Top 5 Pages

As for checking exact URLs, you can also directly enter the available fields. You will get UR (URL Rating), DR, Number of Backlinks and Referring Domains, and so on.

This feature is quite good if the website or competitor you want to check the backlinks include small to medium class. But if the rival you want to check out, the backlinks are a big class. This free feature is far from enough.

2. Moz

Besides Ahrefs, one of the other favorite tools is Moz. For the business of checking website backlinks, in addition to using Ahrefs, we also use Moz. In fact, we found some cases of Moz better at detecting backlinks of a website.

Based on our experience so far, there are a number of website backlinks that have not been detected in Ahrefs but detected by Moz. Although not infrequently also the opposite. An undetected backlink in Moz has been detected in Ahrefs.

Therefore, we prefer to use both to check the backlinks of a website.

Basically, Moz is a paid tool. However, you can use Moz Pro for free. Please see how to create a Moz Pro account that we created earlier. There you will take advantage of the 'free trial' feature for 30 days that Moz provides.

Here's how to easily check competitor backlinks by using Moz Pro

First, make sure you already have Moz Pro, then please login with the email you have created.

check competitor backlinks by using Moz Pro

After that, look for the 'Link Explorer' feature by going to the 'Moz Pro' section of the page. After that, find the 'Linking Domain' feature. Or you can go directly to this link.

If the page is already loaded, enter the URL of the competitor you want to check whether it's a specific primary domain, subdomain, or exact page. Then click enter or click 'Analyze' to see a list of your competitors' backlinks.

check competitor backlinks by using Moz Pro 2

3. Ubersuggest

After the explanation about Ahrefs and Moz, in the third way you can do to check the backlinks of competitors is to use Ubersuggest.

Although not as powerful as Ahrefs, but for a minimal budget, you can also make Ubersuggest as an alternative to Ahrefs. You can even create ubersuggest pro account for free as well.

For the tutorial we posted yesterday, the way is also the same as utilizing the 'free trial' facility for seven days.

Once you have an Ubersuggest pro account, we can follow the ways below.

Login Ubersuggest Account, go to SEO Explorer menu, then select Backlink. Like the picture below.

check competitor backlinks by using ubersuggest

After that, enter the URL that we want to check. You can enter the exact URL and domain either with subdomain or without the subdomain.

Then there will appear backlinks that lead to the competitor website you are checking. The data that appears includes the source and destination of the backlinks. The approximate view is as follows.

check competitor backlinks by using ubersuggest 2

Well, how? It's easy. Not only is it easy, but you can also use it for free, without spending a dime.

That's how we like to check backlinks for free quickly. Hopefully, the above article is helpful for those of you who need it if there is any vague comment below.

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