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How to Check DA PA Rankings Websites and Blog

How to Check DA PA - DA stands for Domain Authority, a score developed by Moz for a website. At the same time, PA, which stands for Page Authority, is a score developed by Moz for a website page.

How to Check DA PA Rankings Websites and Blog

Moz itself is one of the pretty popular SEO tools, especially among SEO players. The score that Moz sets for DA and PA websites or blog are from 1 to 100.

While not the only factor to win the competition in search engines, the higher your website's DA and PA, the more likely your website will win keywords on page one of the search engines.

How to Check DA PA Blog

There are a number of ways to find out a website's Domain Authority and Page Authority rankings. Starting from the paid way or on a freeway.

Suppose you do not know how to check the DA and PA. On this occasion, will provide several ways to find out da and PA websites and blog.


Moz is the top choice for knowing DA and PA. This is because DA and PA systems are the score-setting systems that create them.

To check the DA and PA rankings of websites and blog using Moz, you can take the following easy steps:

1. Login

First of all, you need to log in to, You can sign up using a free account from Moz, but it only has a limit of 10 domains per month, and backlinks from the domains you check will be very limited.

If you want to use a Moz pro account, you can create it for free using the techniques we've given you in the previous post How to Create a Moz Pro Account For Free.

2. Select "Link Explorer" Menu

Once you're signed in to your Moz account, you can visit the Link Explorer menu. Open the Moz Pro > Link Explorer > Linking Domain. The look is as follows:

How to check da pa using Moz

3. Enter the URL

If you already get the Linking Domain menu in step 2, you can enter the URL or domain you want to check. Then the information will appear about the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the domain you checked.

How to check da pa using Moz - 2

Website SEO Checker

In addition to using Moz, you can also use one of the popular websites in terms of DA checking and PA websites. The website we are referring to is that you can use for free.

How to Check DA and PA blog using this website is also very easy. You can also check for three domains at once or known as Bulk Checker.

Here are the steps you can take to check the DA PA in the Website SEO Checker:

1. Visit

Visit the and select the 'Domain Authority Checker' menu.

How to check da pa using WebsiteSEOChecker

2. Enter URL

Then enter the URL or domain you want to check. You can enter three domains at once.

3. Click Check

After that, verify the reCAPTCHA and finally click the Check button. You will get information in the form of DA, PA, Spam Score, Age (Age), Alexa Rank, etc.

How to check da pa using WebsiteSEOChecker - 2

Check Page Rank

Like, is also a free and popular tool or website to know the DA and PA of a blog or website.

Here are the steps to use the Check Page Rank website:

1. Visit

Visit the website and enter the URL or domain where it is available.

How to check da pa using CheckPageRank

2. Click "Submit."

After that, click the "Submit" button will appear some results such as Domain Authority information, Page Authority, Spam Score, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, number of backlinks, and so on. Like the following picture:

How to check da pa using CheckPageRank - 2

How to Improve Domain Authority Website or Blog

You can quickly increase da and PA scores. The main factor of increasing DA and PA is backlinks. So, the more backlinks on your blog, the higher your Domain Authority, and Page Authority will be.

Refers to an article by Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz. He has explained three ways to increase domain authority. The way he conveys it will certainly be more authentic because DA is a system developed by Moz developed.

Well, here's a review on how to effectively improve a DA PA blog or website:

1. Backlinks from High-Authority Domains

The first way he explained is to add as many backlinks from domains that have high authority. The more you get backlinks from blog or websites with a high DA PA, the your DA PA will be higher as well.

2. Traffic Backlinks

The second way is still advanced from the first way, but the level is higher because the backlink is not just any backlink. Many outsmart the first way with backlink profiles or forums.

Although not a prohibited thing, sometimes such backlinks, especially backlink profiles, do not deliver traffic to our website. That's one of his shortcomings.

However, getting backlinks from domains that are high authority and good is also not an easy matter. Not only about the difficulty of getting it, but it is also a matter of the costs that we have to spend.

3. Spam Backlinks

Dr. Peter J. Meyers also said to reduce the number of spam backlinks. Although quite complicated, Moz tries its best to detect spam backlinks and affect the condition of your DA.

Sometimes, some domains have backlinks from high authority but have a small DA. It could be the Moz algorithm that influences it because the domain gets a lot of spam backlinks.

Well, maybe up here first How to Check the Da PA Ranking of Websites and blog. If indeed this information is helpful, we hope you share this post with your friends.

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