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How To Turn Off Your Phone's Headset Mode


How To Turn Off Your Phone's Headset Mode

How To Turn Off Your Phone's Headset Mode - Each successive version of Android introduces new features aimed at increasing the device's functionality and usefulness. With the release of Android 7, Google added a new feature that alerted users when their device was connected to a headphone cable via an icon at the top of the screen.

Users can instantly determine if their smartphone's audio output is the terminal itself or headphones or speakers connected to it, either via the jack connection or the device's Bluetooth connection. When it comes to removing the headset mode, many people have problems.

We have a big problem if we do not have the headphones attached to our smartphone, but this indicator remains at the top. We won't be able to hear any sound coming from our terminal if the headphones icon is displayed at the top of the screen and we don't have any headphones attached, either wired through the headphone port or using Bluetooth.

But we won't be able to make calls either, because not only has the audio output been diverted to the ostensibly connected headphones, but the audio input from the microphone has also been diverted, so we won't be able to use our device's microphone to send audio messages through WhatsApp, answer or make phone calls.

In summary, if our terminal displays a headset symbol at the top of the screen, we have beautiful and expensive equipment that only allows us to utilize the screen; there is no way to listen or use the microphone until we can remove that icon, restoring the device's natural audio input and output.

Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, this is not related to a hardware issue (device components) but rather to a variety of circumstances that may be confusing our device's software. On Android, here's how to turn off headset mode.

Reboot Your Phone

Reboot Your Phone

Android is an operating system, and much like Windows, macOS, or iOS, it has to be rebooted now and then to keep everything running smoothly. You've probably noticed how the problem goes away after restarting your Windows machine on few occasions. It's the same story with Android.

When a device handled by an operating system starts to eat a lot of battery, programs don't open or perform irregularly, or it displays icons on the screen that shouldn't be there, it's time to restart it.

If the headphone icon remains at the top of the screen after restarting our smartphone, it's time to try another method.

Reconnect And Unplug Your Headphones

Reconnect And Unplug Your Headphones

The first step in resolving this issue is to attach and disconnect the headphones. The software that detects the existence of the headphones may not have identified that they are no longer attached to the device during the disconnection process.

If the headphones still don't work after multiple attempts at connecting and disconnecting them from the 3.5 mm port, the issue is most likely due to dirt in the connection.

If you keep your smartphone in your pocket, it's very probable that dirt and fabric remnants from your clothes have accumulated in lint that has found its way into the headphone connection.

If there is no object visible to the naked eye that could interfere with the connection of headphones, the issue will be cleaning the connectors of dust that may have accumulated when storing the phone in the pocket, rather than removing a ball of lint.

The quickest and simplest option is to blow strongly into the hole to remove any dust gathered in the connection or to use compressed air can make that we can find on Amazon.

If the icon still does not disappear off the screen, another technique is to use a toothpick (without the tip) that has been covered with double tape so that when it is passed through the inside of the hole, it sticks all of the society inside.

Cheating Your Phone

Headset-Speaker Toggle & Test Switch

If none of the options I've shown you so far has worked, we can use a Play Store app to transmit the sound back to the device's speakers. However, it doesn't remove the headphone symbol.

The application is Headset-Speaker Toggle & Test Switch, which is available for free download and has many advertisements; nonetheless, it is superior because it performs what it says, and we only have to use it once. that not being able to solve the issue

Remove The Headphone Jack And Replace It With a New One

Remove The Headphone Jack

Most smartphones with a headphone jack connection are relatively simple to repair, and the cost can be meagre if we do not employ the official technical service, though we will do it if we want the result to be as good as possible. It is preferable to get official technical assistance.

If the headphones stopped working after being used on the beach, the only cure is to replace the jack, as the contacts on the smartphone have been damaged by sea salt if you did not rinse it with fresh water.

This is the last option that we must consider, but it is the only option we have if we want to permanently remove the happy headphone icon from our smartphone's screen.

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