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How to Copy Articles or Posts from MS Word to Blogger


How to Copy Articles or Posts from MS Word to Blogger

How to Copy Articles or Posts from MS Word to Blogger - Not a few beginner bloggers are still confused about moving writing from MS Word to Blogger or how to copy/insert writing from Word to Blogspot.

The reason is, if we do it the traditional way, which uses CTRL + V or right-click on the text field and then Paste, then the post will look messy. Starting from the font, large font and others, strictly follow what we do in Microsoft Word.

This situation is commonly referred to as formatted text or formatted text. Copying text in a formatted text state will cause tremendous problems in Blogger/Blogspot templates.

Dangers of Posting Formatted Text to Blogspot

One of the most significant impacts, if you keep forcing yourself to post in a formatted state, will impact the number of posts on the homepage not following what has been set.

Another impact is, of course, the appearance of the content becomes messy. The font no longer matches the default font used.

Then how to prevent this formatted text? So that every time you copy-paste writing from Word to Blogspot, it doesn't make the blog messy, and the text is completely unformatted (unformatted)?

Check out how to copy (copy-paste) writing from MS Word to the correct Blogspot so that the blog doesn't fall apart.

How to Copy Writing in MS Word to the Correct Blogspot

The method is very simple. You don't need to copy the text to notepad (similar software) or unformatted text via web tools. Just do a special paste.

What is that? Here's how:

  • Copy the text from Microsoft Word as usual by selecting all text then pressing CTRL + C.
  • This is the important part, to paste the text, do it by pressing the CTRL + Shift + V keyboard keys.
  • Done, the copy of the text from MS Word to Blogspot is now completely unformatted.

Additional Info

If you want to copy text from websites on the internet to MS Word and avoid formatted text, please do a special paste on the text by pressing the CTRL + Alt + V or Ctrl + Shift + V keys simultaneously keyboard, then select Unformatted Text and OK.

Those are tips on how to copy text from MS Word to Blogger/Blogspot. Hopefully useful. The point is, don't use the way to paste text with the CTRL + V key combination but do it with CTRL + Shift + V to prevent the text from being formatted. The same is true when you want to copy text from Google Docs and MS Office Word Live to Blogger.

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