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3 Best Apps for Writing Your Diary on Android


Best Android Diary App - Journals are, without a doubt, one of the most personal things that people in our lives have. So in this article, we will show you some best Android diary apps, so that you can carry your diary with you everywhere.

In diaries, we tell how our days have passed, our experiences and especially thoughts or ideas that have emerged throughout our life. All of these things appear sequentially with their date and time and, in most cases, can be used for that a little better reflection on the way we act and the good and bad thoughts we have daily.

Although the standard way we have to use diaries or newspapers has fallen out of use, in recent years and due to the disruption of new technologies, there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to mobile phones, we have different applications, for all tastes, that offers us the same function, namely writing what we want, when we want and where we want. The daily digital version and updated anytime, day and anywhere.

Best Android Diary App

Here we provide a list of the best diary apps for keeping your journal on Android.

Journey: Diary

Journey: Diary

What the developers of Journey: Diary suggested to us is that Let's start a journey of personal improvement and growth to achieve a better quality of life, love and health. With this app, you will be able to record your daily events, whatever you want to be grateful for next time, your biggest secrets and most importantly, relive the beautiful moments when time flies. Journeys are made to make your memories last forever.

You will have control over your diary by storing entries in Google Drive itself and in Markdown, the file types of the app itself. Once you have done this, know that you will never lose your data, and you can access it from Journey. Cloud without using an app. You will always have memories on hand. You will be able to sync your diary across multiple platforms. Therefore, you will write on the go on any device, be it your mobile, your tablet or iPad, on your work laptop or even on your home PC.

The developer assured us that it is very easy to keep a diary with Journey because you can add photos and videos in addition to any thoughts or references that appear at the time. Travel Journal does everything for you - it will even give you information about the weather, location, temperature, moving activity and more - in every journal entry you start, so the context is always perfect.

You will be able to import and make your journals expertly in a variety of formats, such as zip or Evernote. You can also export to Docx for Word or even print your journal summary in PDF format.



Daylio is the newspaper app that convinced us that you could keep a personal journal without having to write a word. An app with which you can record everything called 'micro diary', and besides that, you can also highlight your day with customizable moods, emotes or stickers. If you are not one of these modernities and like the classics, don't worry because this app also offers you the possibility to create a classic diary for life.

Some of the diary features of this Android app are:

  • You are using a large database, and you can customize everything
  • You will be able to view interesting statistics about your mood and activity on a monthly or yearly basis
  • You will customize the name of each mood
  • You will make backup copies to back up and protect your data via Google Drive
  • You will have the possibility to create a reminder to never forget any idea
  • You can enable PIN lock and keep all your diary entries safe
  • This gives you the option to export the document with CSV to print your ticket

From Daylio, they assure us that it does not store any personal data on their servers and that this data is always under your control. They guarantee at all times that the main thing for them is the security of your personal data.

Life Calendar

Life Calendar

From Life Calendar, they make sure that this diary app will help you visualize your life, dividing it into weeks and displaying its global network, so you can access all your memories in a simpler way.

As if that weren't enough, each week is denoted by a little square, and each box can be colour-coded so you can access or identify everything more quickly as if you were putting poses into people's personal diaries for life and each. Colour means something, for example, summer vacation in yellow.

In addition, they want to go a step further with personalization and each week, a note can be added. With it, you can capture any thoughts, reflections, feelings or feelings that you thought you had during that time. Because life changes, and that's what your diary is for.

Some of the most important features that Life Calendar offers us are:

  • The weeks of your life, one by one, are displayed in a grid. The grid will allow you to access your memory faster than normal.
  • Have fun with your life by adding notes every week and enjoy daily progress.
  • One record per week, 52 records each year are available.
  • Determine each week by choosing a colour from a variety of colours that grow more and more. Give your diary a different touch with each colour.
  • Take notes and keep photos of your entire life, whether it's weeks or years.
  • Export your notes and save them anywhere using Life Notebooks.
  • Save your Vital Calendar with an account and keep it back up and available on many devices.
  • Personalized reminders ensure you never forget to take notes.

What kind of android diary application is right for you?

android diary application

The first thing you should know is what and especially how you want to do it, that is, how to catch, what tools used to leave your life in the paper. On this question, you can choose a journal in which you only need to write, much more classical and formal in style, understated or vice versa. You can find something more complete to give it more value or colour, add pictures, videos or notes to enhance life.

On the other hand, you can also use the diary as an agenda, so you will remember that when you have a doctor's appointment or with that important client, you will remember different tasks or even something as simple as a grocery list. Finally, since it is something private and intimate, you should look for a diary that contains some form of blocking to keep your privacy safe. Something similar to what you did when you were a kid, and you put that little key in the paper, and then hid the key, and nothing is beyond anything about your greatest secrets and intimacy.

There are endless possibilities, all with a thousand options that will make you more or less comfortable with your choice. That is why in this article we will discuss various options, although it must be said that most of them contain the classic newspaper options that we all know as a basis. The most standard nowadays is to add multimedia or audiovisual complement, to taste. For that, your diary has a personal touch of the day, and your mood is reflected throughout the weeks and months.


At this point, we can only encourage you to do this daily writing and memory exercise. Because imagine the perspective you would gain from your life if you kept keeping weekly or daily journals for a year or two. Isn't that very helpful for your decision? Don't you want to see yourself growing day by day and remembering past mistakes, so you don't do them again?

Leave your message in the comment box. Which app is the diary android app you like the most? How do you personalize your diary! And remember something important, life is only lived once, Be sure to take advantage of it! See you.

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